Welcome to the ICRS 2021 press information pages. We are delighted that you are interested in this world's most important conference on coral reef ecosystems. Here you will find all important information about this conference, our accompanying program for the public and extensive background information on the current situation and biology of coral reefs. Of course, media are also available for download.

Unfortunately the International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) cannot take place in July 2020 as planned due to the corona crisis. The symposium has now been postponed by about one year. The new date is July 18 - 23, 2021, for further information click here.

About the ICRS 2021

More than 2500 scientists from about 100 countries will meet in Bremen from 18 -23 July 2020 to present the latest scientific findings on the most important ecosystem of the oceans. Since coral reefs are currently threatened in their existence by warming and acidification of the oceans due to our high COemissions, as well as by local stress factors such as overfishing, physical destruction, sediment and pollutant inputs, this conference is of particular importance. The ICRS 2021 is the 14th conference of its kind and will be held for the first time in Europe.


The latest news about the conference and coral reef ecosystems can be found here. 

Media and background information

Here you will find interesting background information and media for download. We provide this information and pictures free of charge for reporting on the ICRS 2021 or an event within the framework of the ICRS 2021. Source and author must be named in the case of publication. Use without reference to the ICRS 2021 is not permitted unless we have given our written consent on request. 

Accreditation, service and press releases

Journalists who wish to obtain first-hand information at the conference are advised to obtain accreditation in advance. Information about accreditation and the accreditation form can be found here.

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