OCEANS - Special Issue on ICRS 2020

Publication of papers that were to be presented at ICRS 2020

Prior to the postponement of the 14th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS 2020) due to be held in Bremen, Germany, arrangements had been made with the new journal OCEANS, published by MDPI, to produce a special issue, related to the conference, to which delegates could, if they wish, submit papers based on their oral presentations or posters. The special issue was intended to reflect the conferences theme and was to be entitled “The Future of Coral Reefs: Research submitted to ICRS 2020, Bremen, Germany”.

The announcement of this plan was delayed when it became apparent that the ICRS 2020 might have to be postponed. However, it has been suggested that there will be delegates who have material that they intended to present at the ICRS2020, and that they would like to see published sooner than 2021.

The Organisers and Publishers have therefore agreed to continue with the publication of a special issue in 2020, so that delegates who wish can have an outlet for material that they had intended to present at ICRS 2020, but will no longer be suitable for use when the conference actually takes place, in 2021. The Special Issue will retain the planned name, with the expectation that a Part II can follow in 2021, linked to the conference.

More info on the Special Issue: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/oceans/special_issues/coral_reefs

OCEANS is an Open Access Journal that normally charges authors a fee. However, MDPI have agreed to publish papers prepared for ICRS 2020 free of any charge.

It is appreciated that some authors will prefer to submit papers related to their ICRS 2020 presentation to other journals, such as CORAL REEFS. The purpose of the OCEANS special issue will be to offer other authors an opportunity to publish their work in an edition of an open access journal focussed on coral reef issues and research.

Information about OCEANS can be found at: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/oceans. Features of MDPI journals are short acceptance and publication times. Nevertheless, all submissions will be subject to standard refereeing procedures. Instructions for authors may be found at https://www.mdpi.com/journal/oceans/instructions. OCEANS has no restrictions on the length of manuscripts, hence short papers based on either conference presentations or posters will be considered. However, many posters may be better suited to publication in the “Reef Edge” section of the Society’s magazine REEF ENCOUNTER.

Authors wishing to submit an ICRS 2020 or 2021 related manuscript to OCEANS are now requested to submit their manuscript to the OCEANS website by April 30th, 2021. Information on submitting to the anticipated 2021/22 second part will be made available in due course. However, suitable manuscripts received earlier will be published on-line prior to this, as soon as they can be processed. Intending authors are also asked to inform the co-ordinating editor, Rupert Ormond (email: rupert.ormond.mci@gmail.com) of their intention to submit, especially if more time may be required. Note that the special issue is only open to authors who submitted an abstract to ICRS 2020 and authors should mention their abstract reference number when writing.

Christian Wild (Chair ICRS2020 Organising Committee)

Rupert Ormond (Coordinating editor, OCEANS special issue)