Terms and Conditions of the 14th International Coral Reef Symposium 2021 Virtual, 19 – 23 July 2021

§1 Organizer
Universität Bremen, Bibliothekstraße 1, 28359 Bremen. In the following stated as Organizer. The service partner contracted by the Organizer is: WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH, Geschäftsbereich Marketing und Tourismus, Abt. Bremen Convention Bureau, in the following stated as WFB Bremen Convention Bureau. Address and Contact: Findorffstraße 105, 28215 Bremen, Tel.: +49 (0)421-30 800 19, E-Mail: icrsreg2021@bremen-tourism.de. The virtual platform is provided by Smart Abstract GmbH, Graf-Moltke-Str. 34, 28211 Bremen, in the following stated as Smart Abstract GmbH.

§2 Applicability
a) The General Terms and Conditions apply to anyone who attends the 14th International Coral Reef Symposium 2021 Virtual, 19 – 23 July 2021 as a participant. Anyone who has personalized access through the registration system to the virtual platform is a participant; apart from conference participants, this includes session chairs, presenters, speakers, listeners and all other attendees. In exceptional cases, the Organizer reserves the right to change lecturers and/or to change the order of the program while maintaining the overall character of the event. The Terms and Conditions are applicable for legal transactions related to deliveries of access to the symposium in the name and on behalf of the Organizer. By registering, you give your consent to the conference office of WFB Bremen Convention Bureau to share your registration data with the Organizer and Smart Abstract GmbH.
b) In addition to the Terms and Conditions the license conditions and terms of use for Smart Abstract GmbH are also applicable. If the license conditions and terms of use for Smart Abstract GmbH conflict with the conditions for participating in the 14th International Coral Reef Symposium 2021 Virtual, then the latter shall prevail.

§3 Event dates and virtual business hours
Monday, 19 July 2021 – Friday 23 July 2021. Planned times are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (UTC+1:00). Times will be confirmed with the final program.

§4 Venue
Virtual platform of the 14th International Coral Reef Symposium 2021 by Smart Abstract GmbH.

§5 Registration
a) The registration as participant is subject to the payment of the conference registration fee.
b) Members of the International Coral Reef Society have to be paid up members on time of registration. Changes after registration from non-member to member will not be possible.
c) All BSc and MSc students and doctoral (PhD) candidates are eligible to register in the student category.
d) Registration deadline for presenters (oral/poster) is 30 April 2021.
e) Registration deadline for all other participants is 4 July 2021.

Conclusion of contract
a) The customer makes a binding offer for the conclusion of a contract when he/she orders admission tickets via online registration or email before the registration deadline and agrees to pay the specified ticket cost. By sending a confirmation of the registration, the Organizer accepts the customer’s offer.
b) b) By placing your order, you accept that the ticket and invoice/receipt will be sent to you via email as an electronic invoice/receipt, in accordance with § 14 para. 1 sentence 2 of the UStG (Value Added Tax Act). You will receive the invoice/receipt from the Organizer via email and the invoice/receipt will be enclosed as an attachment. The invoice/receipt must be saved at least for the legally required retention period, if applicable through electronic archiving. You will have to submit these electronic documents if a tax audit is conducted. You can change the file names of the attachments, but making any changes to the content of the invoice/receipt will be cause for the invoice/receipt to be considered invalid in tax terms, and in that case, input tax deduction or operating expenses will not be recognized by the tax office any longer.
c) Displaying products and services on the website does not indicate a legally binding offer from the Organizer. It is merely a non-binding online catalogue. By clicking on “Buy” you make a binding purchase. The receipt of your order is confirmed when the order is accepted, i.e. as soon as an automatic email is sent by the organizer. With this email confirmation, the purchase contract comes into effect.
d) Selling admission tickets and/or e-tickets to third parties is prohibited. Admission tickets and/or e-tickets may only be used by the person for whom the ticket was bought.

§6 Registration fee
a) Prices for presenting participants (oral/poster) during event dates and business hours including archive:
Presenting Participant (ICRS Member): EUR 340.00
Presenting Participant (Non-Member): EUR 395.00
Presenting Participant Student (ICRS Member): EUR 195.00
Presenting Participant Student (Non-Member): EUR 240.00

b) Prices for non-presenting participants during event dates and business hours including archive:
Non-Presenting Participant (Regular): EUR 190.00
Non-Presenting Participant (Student): EUR 90.00

c) Price for non-presenting participants during event dates and business hours excluding archive:
Non-Presenting Participant (Student): EUR 50.00

§7 Terms of payment
a) All payments must be made in Euro.

The payment method SEPA is only available in the European Economic Area. By entering your debit card details in the payment section during the registration process, you authorize the WFB Bremen Convention Bureau to debit the mentioned account by direct debit. At the same time, this will instruct your bank to allow WFB Bremen Convention Bureau to collect direct debit payments from this account. In case of an unredeemed SEPA order, due to reasons that the Organizer is not responsible for, a fee of EUR 10.00 is charged to the participant.

Credit card
For payment by credit card, the following credit cards may be used: Visa, American Express and MasterCard. The payment transactions via credit card occur through a PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant payment system. The registration amount will be collected by the WFB Bremen Convention Bureau in the name of the Organizer.

b) All prices are quoted in net. Fees for the participation in scientific conferences are exonerated from value-added tax according to § 4 section 22a) of German VAT Code.
c) Invoices are issued after the respective contract comes into effect, after the confirmation of registration is sent by the Organizer. The cashless payments of the invoice amounts must be made before the deadline(s) specified in the invoice, in full, without deducting anything, to the Organizer.
d) If the event is rescheduled due to circumstances for which the Organizer is not responsible, the obligation to make the payment is still binding for the costumer.

§8 Access to the symposium
After making the full payment, the participant will receive all further information (especially for log-in) shortly before the start of 14th International Coral Reef Symposium 2021 Virtual via e-mail. This access is not transferable. The participant will be responsible for ensuring that he/she has the technical tools to be able to participate in the virtual event.

§9 Cancellation policy
Registration cancellations must be sent in writing to the WFB Bremen Convention Bureau, ICRS 2021 via e-mail: icrsreg2021@bremen-tourism.de.
a) Cancellations by presenting participants (oral/poster) until 14 May 2021 will result in 50 % refund of the registration fee. Cancellations received afterwards will not result into refund.
b) Cancellation by non-presenting participants will not result into refund.

§10 Changes and amendments
a) The WFB Bremen Convention Bureau will charge a service fee of EUR 15.00 for presenting participants (oral/poster) who name a substitute presenting participant (oral/poster). In case of the involvement of a third party in the contract, the third party and the original presenting participant are jointly and severally liable for the invoice amount and any arising change/cancellation fees.
b) The WFB Bremen Convention Bureau will charge a service fee of EUR 15.00 for changes, additional bookings and/or amendments of the registration (e.g. change of invoice address) after invoicing directly to the participant.

§11 Upload of presentations (oral/poster)
Presenting participants (oral/poster) have to provide their presentation in video and PDF format upfront to Smart Abstract GmbH. Submission deadline is 13 June 2021. Failure of submission causes loss of right to present.

§12 Recording of presentations
During presentations there are opportunities for interaction. The participant is aware that any questions will be asked publicly and furthermore the participant consents to them being published (live and on-demand in archive). The participant is aware that when participating in video conference sessions, he/she will be visible and audible to other participants (camera and audio).

§13 Copyrights
a) The presenting participant affirms that he/she is the author of the presented work. If information is used that comes from third parties, the presenting participant assures that he/she has licensed the rights of use for the use of this content (e.g. images, graphics or videos) or other content-related information for the purpose of his/her lecture. The presenting participant releases the Organizer from liability for infringed copyrights / rights of use towards third parties with regard to his/her presentation.
b) Transfer of usage rights to the Organizer
The presenting participant transfers the following rights of use to the ICRS 2021:
• The right to save the presentation on digital data carriers for 12 months.
• The right of reproduction through video and audio media, streaming or other technical means to present the scientific lecture publicly to all registered participants of the ICRS 2021. This right of publication is granted for the period of the symposium and for the 12 following months.
• The right of publication also includes the group of registered press representatives.
c) All the event-related documents, i.e. the manuscripts, exercises, and case studies are protected by copyright. The Organizer has exclusive rights to them. Participants are given a simple, non-transferable right of use for private use. Duplication, digitization, publication, sale, or giving access for downloading or any other use outside the event, even if only partially, requires the prior, explicit, and written approval of the Organizer. Any copyright notices, labels, or trademarks may not be removed. Making video and sound recordings of any kind for any event formats of the Organizer is prohibited. Online events may be attended only by the registered participant. The participant commits to safeguard the copyrights and to attend the events individually within the scope of the contractual agreement for personal use. Any kind of misuse can be legally pursued.
d) Authors who decide to mention their personal details in their manuscripts consent to these details being published in the conference transcript. We do not assume responsibility for the content of the manuscripts.

14. Data protection
a) Registration implies your authorization to allow the WFB Bremen Convention Bureau to provide the Organizer with your registration information. Personal details that you provide to WFB Bremen Convention Bureau with your booking are processed electronically and are used exclusively for processing the booking and for customer service purposes. Your data will not be disclosed to third parties, exceptions are the involved business partners, like Smart Abstract GmbH. The right of objection of the person concerned pursuant to section 21 of the European Data Protection Act is expressly pointed out..
b) Please be aware that due to the nature of this scientific conference website, personal information (e.g. contact information for papers and presentations) is likely to appear in the functioning of this site such as session schedules and abstract citations, as well as in ICRS 2021 publications such as meeting programs, conference proceedings and books of abstracts. Submitted data is saved in a data base that can only be accessed by website administrators. We point out, however, that we are entitled in individual cases and on the order of the competent bodies to provide information on collected data for law enforcement purposes, to aid the police forces of the Länder in the prevention of risks and the Federal Intelligence Service in fulfilling the statutory duties of the constitutional protection authorities of the Federal Government and the Länder (legal basis Article 6 section 1 item c DS-GVO).

§15 Smart Abstract – Mandatory information as per data protection legislation
Your participant data (name, e-mail address) and conference submission data (abstracts, co-authors) will be forwarded to Smart Abstract GmbH, Graf-Moltke-Str. 34, 28211 Bremen. Smart Abstract GmbH provides the website by means of which your presentation can be presented digitally at the event in question. To the extent that Smart Abstract GmbH processes your personal data, it acts as co-processor within the meaning of the Art. 28 GDPR. Smart Abstract GmbH will store your participant and abstract data for the duration of the event and will delete it from its systems in three (3) months after the end of the operation time of the event. Mandatory statutory retention obligations remain unaffected. You have the right at any time to obtain information concerning the origin, recipient and purpose of your stored personal data. You also have a right to objection, to data portability and a right of appeal to the competent supervisory authority. You can also demand the correction, deletion and, in certain circumstances, the restriction of the processing of your personal data.

§16 Liability
a) Every effort will be made to ensure that all events take place as published in the final symposium program. The Organizer reserves the right, without prior notice, to change any arrangements, schedules, plans or other items relating to the symposium for reasons beyond its reasonable control. The Organizer shall not be liable for any loss or inconvenience caused by such changes. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Organizer shall not be liable for any financial loss resulting from delays.
b) The Organizer will not be liable for the topicality, accuracy, and completeness of the conference documents and of the event proceedings. The Organizer cannot be held liable for choosing the contractor with regard to the venue. The Organizer does not guarantee technically flawless transmission and reception of data on the virtual event platform.

17. Additional oral agreements
There are no additional oral agreements. Changes and amendments to these terms and conditions must be in writing in order to be effective. The same shall also apply for amending, replacing, or cancelling this written-form clause.

18. Final clause
If individual provisions of these conditions be or become ineffective, the validity of the remaining agreement shall not be affected by this. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall exclusively govern.
The sole place of fulfilment, independent of the actual venue, for deliveries, services, and payments is Bremen.

19. Applicable law
The registration shall be governed by the German law. The place of jurisdiction is Bremen.

Bremen, March 2021