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Dear coral reef community and interested visitors

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 15th ICRS as in-person event in summer of 2022 from 3 - 8 July in Bremen, Germany. This meeting will include plenary talks, a policy event, social events, workshops, and field trips as well as in-person oral and poster presentation opportunities.

The 15th International Coral Reef Symposium is the primary international conference on coral reef science, conservation and management, bringing together leading scientists, early career researchers, conservationists, ocean experts, policy makers, manager,s and the public. The symposium will be the key event to develop science-based solutions addressing the present and future challenges of coral reefs, which are globally exposed to unprecedented anthropogenic pressures. The event will present the latest scientific findings and ideas, provide a platform to build the essential bridges between coral reef science, conservation, politics, management and the public, and will promote public and political outreach. 

The University of Bremen and the Bremen Covention Bureau (WFB) that together organize the 15th ICRS welcome you all to join these unique global events.

We hope that you will plan on attending the in-person 15th ICRS 2022 next summer.















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ICRS 2022 commences

The 15th International Coral Reef Symposium opens its doors

Saving Corals ICRS 2021 Film Festival

As part of the International Coral Reef Symposium this July, DEEPWAVE organizes a film festival to show both the beauty of coral reefs as well as the problems they are facing. Not only will we explain their current status scientifically, but we’ll also focus on possible solutions and what scientists, politicians, and individuals can do to protect them. The film festival is dedicated to all ocean enthusiasts. In particular, it aims to serve as a platform for networking, exchange, and discussion for young, international scientists. Register NOW for the online „Saving Corals ICRS 2021 Film Festival“ which takes place on Sunday 18 July, 6pm

ECO Magazine - Special Issue

The ECO Magazine Special Issue on Coral Reefs in partnership with the 14th ICRS 2021 VIRTUAL is now available online. 

It includes many amazing stories from various fields of coral reef science, conservation and management.

Read on at ECO Magazine HERE

Special Issue on the postponed ICRS 2020 and ICRS 2021 VIRTUAL

The new journal OCEANS, published by MDPI, has announced to publish a Special Issue related to ICRS 2020, to which participants with accepted abstracts are welcomed to submit papers based on their oral presentations or posters. More...

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